Restore the interactivity lost by other video conferencing systems with the VideoWall telepresence conferencing system.

  • Feel like you are there via large size and high resolution displays
  • Use what you want to use to communicate, not what a system supports.  Walk in, Turn on, Use.
  • Keep costs low. Use commodity  components and scale systems to suit your needs.



Interested in how a VideoWall can be used?

Site to Site Communication – The Wormhole Model

A Dynamic Information Wall – The InfoBoard Model

Multi-Remote Collaborators/Room-less Classrooms – BradyBunch Model

What is it exactly?

The VideoWall system is an adaptive software and hardware solution utilizing panels which scale to provide the physical size and detail as desired.  Each panel is complimented by an HD camera and supporting processing device.  The current protoype connects two sites using four 70″ TVs at each location to produce a 12′ wide by 5′ high display of 4320×1920 pixels.

See a video of an older smaller prototype here.

VideoWall is activately being worked on by the Laboratory for Computer Science Research and the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.